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Honduras Medical Mission

St. Mark’s Episcopal Parish Honduras Medical Mission 2019

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!  This year (2019) marks the 24th annual short term medical mission to Honduras.  It will occur from the 26th of October to the 2nd of November. 

The mission has six components:

1) A prayer team      2)  A medical clinic    3)  A dental clinic

4) An optometry clinic               5)  A clean water clinic      6)  A pharmacy

 At this time there are 18 missioners from Alaska to Florida.  Is Christ calling you to be a vital member of the team this year?  Or can His call be to contribute at home as a member of the St. Mark’s prayer team, praying daily for the safety and health of the team and loving, discerning judgment in treating illness encountered in our Honduran brothers and sisters.  Do you feel called to contribute old prescription glasses, readers and sunglasses for patients seen in the optometry clinic?  The Lions Club will rehab them.

Many of us have experienced painful dental diseases.  Dental supplies, including toothpaste, tooth brushes and dental floss, are needed.  Patients are taught, using a dental model, how to correctly brush and floss.  Extractions are done as necessary and restorative dentistry will be done this year for the first time.

The clean water clinic continues to be very effective in reducing deadly diarrhea and dysentery in Honduran infants and children.  Mothers are taught how to use and maintain the filters.  One Sawyer filter costs $50.00.  Also, fingernail clippers are needed, as mothers bite off the long nails on their infants now.  One clipper serves a whole family. 

The clinic pharmacy provides a variety of prescription drugs, the cost of which is over $4,800.00.  Are you called to contribute to the mission in support of the pharmacy?

Each missioner pays a $750 registration fee which covers all expenses during the clinic.  It does not include air fare.  Many  take time off from work or vacation time to answer this call.  No contribution, financial or otherwise, is used to subsidize or compensate a missioner.  All contributions are used as designated by the contributor to purchase medications, pharmacy supplies, water filters, eyeglasses, and Bibles in Spanish. 

Please pray about how you, as a member of the parish, can support its mission to glorify our Lord Jesus in this way.  Monetary contributions can be made to St. Mark’s Episcopal Church and noted “for Honduras Medical Mission 2019”.  A tub marked “Honduras Medical Mission” will be placed in the narthex for tangible gifts.  Thanks so much and may the Peace of Our Lord be with You.                                 

~ Charlie Echols 

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Judy Echols

Sadly, Charlie Echols' wife, Judy Echols, passed away on February 18, 2019 following a long illness.  Her presence will be missed on the team.

Packing Medicines